Kayaking: An introduction


Do you love the rush of the water in a river? Or the calmness of the ocean? Are you a thrill seeker of the rapid? Or just enjoy the view in the open sea? You can enjoy all of these with one activity and that is Kayaking.


Kayaking is a water sport that involves paddling using a double-bladed oar and a small boat known as a kayak. This sport can be enjoyed anywhere from lakes to rivers to the open sea. Some people sometimes mix kayaking with canoeing but it is easy to spot the difference between the two. Though they both use a small boat and a paddle, in kayaking it uses a paddle that has two blades on each end while a canoe has a short paddle and have just one blade. In addition, a kayak an enclosed deck that covers the legs and can only be occupied by one person while a canoe is a lightweight watercraft with an open top that can accommodate around two or more people.

Kayaking is a great sport and can be enjoyed individually or by a team but before you try this sport here is what you need to know.

Kayaking Equipment

This sport is not exactly fun if you do not know what to use with it. So, remember this equipment if you want to go kayaking.

  1. Helmet – Kayaking can be in rivers or waterfalls and these places have rocks trees and other things that could potentially break your head.
  2. Kayak – Kayak is not just a boat but it is a specially designed boat that is specific for your needs. Some kayaks are designed to be occupied by only one person while others might be able to carry two or three persons depending on what you want. There are also for beginners to experts so choose your Kayak wisely.
  3. Buoyancy Aid – It is not the same as a life vest but a bit better. Just like a life vest, in kayaking, you need a buoyancy aid is for safety reasons. Buoyancy aid will not only allow you to float but will also provide you warmth in the cold water.
  4. Spray Deck – This is also known as a spray skirt. It is secured to a rim surrounding the kayak’s opening. It is for you to be sealed in the kayak. You do not want water to get inside your kayak while in the middle of kayaking.


Types of Kayaking

There are different kinds of ways to kayak and you can choose anyone of them that best suits your needs.

  1. Kayak touring – If you are not an extreme sports enthusiast and just want to chill with the tides while enjoying the ride, try tour kayaking. It can be anywhere but the ideal places are rivers and lakes. It is a relaxing way to enjoy the beauty of nature around you.
  2. Sea Kayaking – It is the same as kayak touring but this time in coastlines of seas.
  3. White water kayaking – If you are looking for a thrill from this sport, white water kayaking might be for you. This is best enjoyed in rivers that have white water or tough obstacles to deal with.
  4. Kayak Surfing – How about a bigger thrill than white water kayaking? Try kayak surfing which uses the waves of the open sea and uses the kayak as a surfboard.
  5. Freestyle – This might not be for everyone but this is the biggest thrill of all. The goal here is to create stunts that are wild and amazing. And it can be anywhere from kayaking through big waves in the sea or flipping back and forth through the white water rapids. The possibilities are endless.

The Best Place for Kayaking

There are many places where you can kayak but the best places are those that have a calm and beautiful scenery but also have hidden adventures lurking around the corner.

Kayaking is for everyone whether you are someone who wants to relax and have a peaceful stroll or a thrill seeker trying to conquer bigger obstacles using a paddle and a boat. So, try it and have the best time in your life.

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