Kayak Cape Town and experience a unique view of this beautiful city.

Cape Town is one of the most unique cities in the world and a travel destination at the top of most peoples buck lists. Many visitors to Cape Town do not experience some of the highlights Cape Town has to offer because they do not venture out onto her waters and enjoy the city from the beautiful oceans surrounding her.

One of the best ways to enjoy this experience is to kayak Cape Town on one of the paddling tours offered by the tour operators based in the Mother City.

The Cape oceans are teaming with wildlife and one of the best ways to get up close to them and experience them first hand is on a Cape Town kayak trip. Kayaks are quiet and non threatening to our sea life, and they often will approach the kayaks due to their inquisitive nature. This produces incredible interactions between paddlers and ocean wild life.

Some of the animals and birds you might see on your sea kayaking trip in Cape Town include: Humpbacked Whales, Southern Right Whales, Brooders Whales, Cape Fur Seals, Penguins, Sunfish, Cormorants, Turns, Sea Gulls and many other sea birds.

Our Top 3 Kayak Cape Town Tours

Atlantic Outlook

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Atlantic Outlook offers paddling tours on very stable sit on top surf skis. They leave from the Oceana Power Boat Club, which is next to the Grand Restaurant close the the V&A Waterfront. The Oceana Power Boat Club is the prefect launch site as it is very protected and paddlers get to enter the water safely and find their sea legs/arms in calm waters on stable boats.

Atlantic Outlook’s ultra stable boats allow guests to jump off and swim in the ocean during the tour if the want to and the conditions allow. This means you could jump off your boat while surrounded by dolphins to truly experience a once in a life time moment.

Fair warning though, the Atlantic ocean can be icy at some points during the year.


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Kazkazi kayak tours operate from their store situated at Three Anchor Bay in Cape Town. You can find their store next to Shell garage opposite the Sea Point put-put course. Three Anchor Bay is another fantastic launch site for paddling on the Atlantic Seaboard which is also commonly referred to as Sea Point. Three Anchor Bay is a protected bay, with a launch ramp that allows paddlers to enter the water off a calm protected pebbly beach and paddle through the rocks into the open ocean.

If the swell or conditions are a bit rough this can be quite a hairy launch with large waves pushing into the little bay. However on days like this Kazkazi will most likely launch from a safer location or cancel their tours for the day.

Kazkazi uses sit-on-top sea kayaks for their Cape Town tours, which are nice and stable but we do not believe allow for swimming during the tours.

Kayak Cape Town

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Unlike the first two paddle tour operators Kayak Cape Town operate out of Simonstown which is on the False Bay side of the city. False Bay is an amazing place to explore the ocean and sea life of Cape Town. False Bay is known for its slightly warmer waters and abundant aquatic life.

When sea kayaking with Kayak Cape Town you will leave from Simonstown harbour and paddle along the coat through beautiful boulder gardens popping their heads out of the water. These borders are surrounded by amazing kelp forest that have recently be featured in BBC’s Blue Planet II.

One of the highlights of a Kayak Cape Town tour is the interaction with the Penguin’s of Boulders beach while they are still in the water.

False Bay also teams with Whales during the Whale season which stretches from June until early December.

Kayak Cape Town With Dolphins and Whales

Wild Sea Life

Exploring the Cape coast on a sea kayak or surf ski is one of the best ways to encounter South Africa’s ocean wildlife. Especially Dolphins, Seals and sometimes Whales. Kayaks travel at the perfect speed to stay close to dolphins and other sea life without disturbing them, as they are quiet and do not use motors or petrol. If you are privileged enough to encounter some of these animals count yourself lucky.

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Some Other Amazing Activities In Cape Town

Cape Town is an amazing adventure travel destination, and there are many activities we can also recommend to keep you busy while exploring Cape Town, an because we love the ocean many of our recommendations will also get you out onto the water.

Another fantastic way to get close to the wildlife of Cape Town’s oceans is to go on a seal snorkeling trip with Animal Ocean. They run tours out of Out Bay to the seal colony just off the Sentinel mountain. If you don’t like sitting down and paddling why not try Stand UP Paddle boarding in Big Bay. Cabrinha Kitesurfing offers fantastic SUP Rentals as well as Langebaan Kitesurfing Lessons.

Hermanus is also a fantastic place to watch Whales, whether by kayak two, whale watching boat. It is specifically known for its remarkable land based whale watching, which is second to non.e

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